Portal Rules

These terms and conditions have been drawn up with the objective of stipulating the terms an conditions (hereinafter referred to as – the Terms and Conditions of Use) for the use of the advertising website: www.hop.lv. The Terms and Conditions of Use are binding on all users of the website: www.hop.lv, who conduct any actions on the website
in connection with its operational specification, that is, publish advertisements, pay for them, or use the website to search for products.

1. The website is maintained and administered by SIA hop.lv, Registration No. 40103445089, office address: A7 Highway 21st kilometre, Ķekava District, LV-2123.

2. In approving the Terms and Conditions of Use, the User confirms that he agrees with all the terms and conditions of www.hop.lv.

3. In order for the User to post an advertisement on the website: www.hop.lv, or use the options and/or advantages of the posted advertisement, he must register on the website: www.hop.lv

4. An advertisement posted by the Use must be clearly understandable and it must clearly present the subject of the advertisement.

5. An advertisement may be posted in Latvian, Russian or English.

6. Additional information and contact information (e.g. Internet link, phone number and e-mail address) must only be indicated in the relevant fields, not in the advertisement copy.

7. A User may attach no more than 12 photographs to an advertisement.

8. If a photograph is attached, it must depict the product or service on offer.

9. All advertisement fields, whose completion is specified as compulsory, must be filled in.

10. The content of the advertisement is the responsibility of the User, but the advertisement must not conform to the provisions of Clause 11 of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

11. Not permitted:

11.1. Advertisements, whose content breaches moral and ethical norms, is unlawful, incites banned activities or in any other way could conform to indications of violations of legislative and ethical norms;

11.2. To publish advertisements, whose content does not match the intended subject category or the website’s terms and conditions;

11.3. In publishing advertisements, to violate another person’s intellectual property rights or copyright;

11.4. Resubmit the same advertisement under the same heading in the same time period;

11.5. To autonomously highlight copy or write capital letters (e.g. ABCDE, a b c d e , abcde, etc.);

11.6. Include words like "Promotion", "Discounts", "Sale", "Super Price" and other slogans in your advertisement text that attract attention. Advertisements of this nature shall be published in the relevant section of www.hop.lv, subject to the relevant payment terms;

11.7. To advertise intermediary services related to job arrangement, immovable property transactions, etc.; first asking for a commission fee for this service;

11.8. To advertise, and include pornographic content or materials in advertising copy or photos in attachments, as well as to advertise provision of prohibited erotic services, such as intimate video chats, etc.;

11.9. To publish advertisements for transactions involving narcotics, medicines, human organs, armed weapons and munitions;

11.10. To publish political, religious or anti-advertising content;

11.11. To advertise any questionable product or service;

11.12. To advertise products or services, whose operation requires a license, without presenting such a license number, as well as information about the seller;

11.13. To offer product or service distribution opportunities, using network marketing;

11.14. To offer tobacco products, alcohol, pre-cursors, controlled medicines, hazardous or harmful substances and products, as well as other products and offers not conforming to EU norms;

11.15. To include any reference in the advertising copy that contains information about other competing advertising websites;

11.16. In advertising cars, to specify any deceptive or fraudulent information;

11.17. To specify the advertiser’s contact information in the advertising copy, this information must only be specified in the corresponding advertisement placement fields;

11.18. In posting an advertisement, to violate the Republic of Latvia’s laws and regulations, as well as the General Terms and Conditions of Use in any way.


12. In the event that the User does not comply with Clause 11 of the General Terms and Conditions of Use, the www.hop.lv administrative team is entitled to:

12.1. To delete advertisements if repeated complaints have been received about the them, informing the person who posted the advertisement accordingly;

12.2. To delete the User’s profile if he violates the Terms and Conditions of Use five or more times;

12.3. To delete or move advertisements to the corresponding category in the event that they have been posted in an inappropriate section;

12.4. Not to reimburse a payment if a paid advertisement has been deleted if this occurred due to non-compliance with Clause 11 of the Terms and Conditions of Use;

12.5. To send information to law enforcement bodies.


13. the www.hop.lv administrative team is entitled to send informative and commercial statements to users using Users’ specified e-mail addresses. Users are entitled to decline to receive such statements.

14. If a User has objections or complaints about the website’s services, these can be resolved by contacting the administrative team of the website www.hop.lv electronically, describing the nature of the problem in detail.

15. If the User and SIA hop.lv are unable to mutually resolve a dispute that has occurred, the parties can resolve the dispute in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, including by approaching the Consumer Rights Protection Centre or another body.

16. All amendments that are made to the Terms and Conditions of User will come into force as soon as they are published on: www.hop.lv.