Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as – the Privacy Policy) contains information about what information about the user (hereinafter referred to as - the User) can be obtained while he is visiting the website and how it will be used, as well as about what rights the User has. We inform you that SIA does not sell or transfer personal information to third parties without the User’s consent, except for the special cases described below, or if this has occurred in accordance with the law.


Data supervisor:



Registration No. 40103445089

Address: A7 Highway 21st kilometre, Ķekava District, LV-2123

What happens to personal data on: SIA
1. Use of, the homepage maintained by SIA, means that the User has accepted the Privacy Policy. If the User does not want to be bound by the terms and conditions referred to hereinafter, they are not binding on the User, if the User does not use the website in any way. If the User registers as a user of the website or submits personally identifiable information, this indicates that the User has read and understood the Privacy Policy and agrees to its contents.
2. SIA may occasionally change or correct the Privacy Policy, and such changes will come into force as soon as the amended Private Policy is published on In occasionally reviewing the Privacy Policy, the User will be informed about any changes or updates.
3. In order to provide homepage services, SIA needs to maintain and process certain personal information about the User, including, but not only, his name, gender, age, contact information and e-mail address. The User agrees to SIA collating such personal information in accordance with the following procedure:
3.1. If a registered user publishes an advertisement it has created, the advertisement must display the following personal data: e-mail address, phone, number and surname. This information must be visible to all homepage users;
3.2. If a registered user makes payments for services provided by, SIA will process such payments, including processing information that contained in the payment order;
3.3. SIA will receive information about the devices used by the User to access the homepage (e.g. device type, operating system, Internet browser, mobile communications operations, IP address, connection time and duration), as well as information third party homepages and mobile applications that will be used to authenticate his identity on, e.g. using social networks.
3.4. SIA is entitled to disclose the User’s personal information in accordance with the procedures stipulated in laws and regulations, or in instances, when this is necessary to comply with any applicable law or to defend its rights or property, or if the lawful rights of third parties are threatened.
3.5. Visitors to the SIA office should note that SIA conducts video surveillance within the office territory.

3.6. SIA processes any other information that the User submitted to the website

4. The personal data processing supervisor is:

4.1. The personal data processing supervisor is SIA, Registration No. 40103445089, office address: A7 Highway 21st kilometre, Ķekava District, LV-2123.
4.2. The e-mail address to contact SIA regarding matters related to personal data processing is: [email protected] Using this contact information or approaching SIA at its office address, you can ask questions or submit requests regarding personal data processing.

5. In processing personal data, SIA complies with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter referred to as – the Regulation), as well as other laws and regulations in the realm of privacy and personal data processing.
6. The Privacy Policy applies to data processing regardless of what form and/or environment the User provides personal data in (on SIA’s Internet homepage, by e-mail, in paper format or by phone) and which company systems or paper format they are processed on. 
Reasons why SIA needs the User’s personal data
7. The personal data described above is processed by SIA for the following purposes:
7.1. To provide services and sell services or goods:
For user identification, product delivery and provision of services (for fulfilment of contractual obligations), provision/maintenance of functioning services, improvement of products and services, development of new products and services, advertising and distributing services or for commercial purposes, client service, reviewing and processing applications, promoting client loyalty, satisfaction measurements, payment administration;
7.2. To publish advertisements created by the User;
7.3. To provide information to the User, contact him, and provide information about changes and updates in the operation of the website;
7.4. To plan business and analyse processes;
7.5. To provide information to institutions in the cases and scope stipulated in legislation.

8. SIA protects the User’s data, using the capabilities of contemporary technology, taking existing privacy risks into account and organisational, financial and technical resources available within reason to SIA

Personal data processing and the parties to which SIA may transfer personal data
9. SIA processes personal data that has been directly received from the User, e.g. from websites, the devices used by the User, when he visits, from client service information, and from communication over the phone, by e-mail, etc.
10. SIA will not disclose the User’s personal data to third parties or any information obtained in the provision of services and during the operating term of the Agreement, including, information about received electronic communications, content or other services, except if the data must be transferred to the relevant third party under the auspices of a signed agreement, in order to carry out a function necessary for the fulfilment of an agreement or one delegated by law; with the User’s clear and unequivocal consent; to persons provided for in external laws and regulations at their justified request, in accordance with the procedures and scope stipulated in external laws and regulations in the cases laid down in external laws and regulations for protection of the lawful interests of SIA, e.g. when going to court or before other governmental bodies
11. In order to fulfil the obligations of SIA, as well as the provisions stipulated in laws and regulations, SIA will deliver Users’ personal data to individual third parties, regarding which they will be notified beforehand. These are:
11.1. SIA’s business partners that ensure the fulfilment of the Agreement;
11.2. Third payment processing service providers in cases when this is stipulated contractually or by law;
11.3. Third parties to implement direct advertising and marketing measures. This can only happen if the goals of the third part are in line with the objectives of SIA, which are described in the Privacy Policy.
11.4. Other persons if SIA has received the User’s agreement.

12. In relation to the User, SIA “” may make decisions on an automated basis. The User will be informed separately about the such actions on the part of SIA, in accordance with laws and regulations. The User may object to automated decision-making in accordance with legislative acts, but in the awareness that, in individual instances, this may restrict the User’s rights to use individual options and services potentially available to him. Such decision-making that entails legal consequences for the User (e.go approval or rejection of the User’s application), can only be conduced in the process of the conclusion or fulfilment of the Agreement between SIA and the User, or based on the unequivocal consent of the User.
The User’s rights in managing his personal data  

13. The User has the following rights in relation to managing his personal data:
13.1. To ask for information about whether the personal data is being processed, how the personal data is being used, how information about personal data is evaluated, as well as, whether personal data processing is being conducted in accordance with the procedures stipulated in laws and regulations.
13.2. To ask for the personal data maintained by SIA to be corrected.
13.3. To personally correct his specified information on in the section "Profile settings", as well as having the right to delete his advertisements and/or profile.
13.4. To ask for the deletion of his personal data, if there is no reason for their processing to continue, thus also deleted information related to this.
13.5. To object to the processing his personal data for direct marketing purposes, as well as to decline direct marketing, sending information accordingly to the following e-mail address: [email protected]
13.6. To ask for personal data processing to be restricted, thus asking SIA to stop processing personal data in the following cases: (a) if the User wants SIA to clarify data usage; b) if the User believes that the use of his data has been unlawful, but does not want them to be deleted completely; d) The User objects to the use of his data, but SIA needs to conduct a check to ascertain whether ​the objections are justified.
13.7. To confirm his agreement at any time, when he is asked to agree to the processing of personal data. However, this does not affect the lawfulness of the data processing that was conducted before consent was revoked. If the User revokes his consent, conceivably, it may not be possible to receive certain products or services about which the User will be informed.
13.8. To submit a complaint about the processing of his personal data to a supervisory body (Data State Inspectorate).
13.9. The User may submit a request in writing to exercise his rights in relation to his personal data in person at the offices of SIA, only after presenting a personal identity document, or electronically, signing his electronic submission with a secure electronic signature.
13.10. In assessing the User’s submission, SIA will provide a reasoned reply or take the necessary steps to delete the User’s personal data.

The duration of the storage and processing of personal data
14. SIA will store and process the User’s personal data for as long as:
14.1. The agreement concluded with the User is valid;
14.2. While SIA or the User can fulfil their lawful interests (e.g. to submit objections or instigate or pursue a claim in court) in accordance with the procedures stipulated in laws and regulations;
14.3. While either part is legally obliged to store the data;
14.4. While the User’s consent to the processing of the relevant personal data is valid, unless other lawful grounds exist for the processing of the data.

15. After the aforementioned conditions end, the User’s personal data will be deleted.

Communication with the User
16. SIA will contact the User, using the User’s specified
contact information.